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The Rising Trend of "Man-gagement" Rings a.k.a. Engagement Ring for Men

A budget-friendly guide to shopping engagement rings for men.

As we dive into our research for an upcoming blog, one topic caught our attention: the surging interest in engagement rings for men. This led us to ponder: do men wear engagement rings?

Funny photo about a man giving an overly large fake diamond ring

Certainly, it's a YES! Traditionally, in relationships of the opposite sex, the man often takes the lead in the proposal. However, the landscape of relationships is evolving, thanks to our progressive views on acknowledging same-sex marriage and an ongoing commitment to gender equality. The act of wearing engagement rings for men has become a symbol of equality, commitment, and partnership on the journey to the promised marriage. The impact of this trend has been further solidified by influential figures such as Michael Bublé and Ed Sheeran, who proudly showcased their engagement rings to the public.

Men's engagement rings
A compilation of men's engagement rings

As the holiday shopping season approaches, if you find yourself on the hunt for a unique and meaningful gift for your fiancé, consider breaking tradition by surprising him with a ring of his own! In this blog, we've curated some of our favourite picks based on the most popular styles, all while keeping it budget-friendly. *This blog is not sponsored

According to Diamond Pro, the average amount spent on engagement rings is $5000. If that is too expensive for you, keep reading because we've put together a budget-friendly collection ranging from CAD $800 to $3000.

1. Classic Bands:

Engagement/ Wedding band for men with engraving

Traditionalists tend to gravitate towards the timeless simplicity of classic bands, typically crafted from precious metals such as gold, platinum, or white gold. These classic bands may embrace a plain design or incorporate delicate detailing.

But if you're looking to make it more meaningful, engraving maybe the perfect finishing touch fort this classic choice.

Photo from People's Jewellers

2. Tungsten and Titanium

Titanium men's engagement ring with stones

If your fiancé leans towards an urban street style, rings crafted from tungsten and titanium might be right up his alley. Not only is this a trendy choice aesthetically, but it's also celebrated for its durability.

Photo from Michael Hill

3. Diamond Rings

Diamond engagement ring for men

While diamonds are a classic choice for women's engagement rings, there has been an expansion of diamond rings that cater to men. What sets these designs apart is the infusion of bold settings, sleek lines, and resilient materials, striking a harmonious balance between sophistication and masculinity.

Photo from Diamonds Factory

4. Textured and Hammered Rings

Hammered engagement ring

For those in search of a touch more character, textured or hammered rings offer an earthy flair. These rings boast intricate patterns, subtle ridges, or a hammered finish, imparting a rustic and handcrafted aesthetic to the design. Notably, this style resonates particularly well with outdoorsy individuals, adding a natural and rugged charm that perfectly complements their adventurous spirit.

Photo from Maison Birks

5. Art Deco and Vintage-inspired Styles:

Vintage-inspired engagement ring

If your partner appreciates classic romance, vintage rings with carvings from the Art Deco or Victorian periods might be the perfect choice. These rings showcase intricate details, filigree work, and geometric patterns, offering a timeless elegance that goes beyond trends.

Photo from Reflective Jewelry

*This blog is not a sponsored post

Which one is your favourite?

  • Classic Bands

  • Titatnium and Tungsten

  • Diamond Rings

  • Textured and Hammered Rings


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