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Alisha Khan

With over 20 destination weddings under her belt, Alisha has curated a list of dream locations where she dreams of shooting next:

  •  Tofino

  • Alaska

  • Italy

  • Crotia

  • Iceland

  • Ireland

  • France - Fall 2025

  • Newfoundland

  • Cape Breton Island


Kiki Dimakis

Kiki Dimakis, the Principal Planner, started her career in destination wedding & honeymoon planning over 5 years ago. Though she officially started working in travel and tourism in 2010, being part of a family in the industry meant her passion for discovering the world started much earlier. Over the course of many years of travel, Kiki has refined her skills and expanded her knowledge and expertise, with a special emphasis on the Caribbean and sun destinations. Now Marlin Travel’s resident specialist in destination weddings and romance travel, Kiki’s commitment to creating the perfect, personalized travel experience, is why so many clients entrust her to plan a trip they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Kiki is exceptionally organized, adept with logistics, and is able to integrate both her knowledge of all-inclusive packages, resorts, and cruises, as well as her diverse industry connections, to create complex and coherent group itineraries. Kiki is a highly accomplished travel professional, carrying certifications as a Jamaica Specialist, Certified Sandals Resort Specialist,  Karisma Hotels Gourmet Inclusive Consultant, and more.

Destination Wedding Booking

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